With those long hot days approaching now is the perfect time to schedule your air conditioning maintenance or AC repair. Should a new AC System be serviced? The answer is: absolutely yes. Keeping your unit clean and serviced helps with efficiency and maintaining your equipment warranty. So schedule with us now to help avoid AC repair.

Having your air conditioning inspected and tuned is quite similar to getting your car oil changed. The car may sound and run ok but it has to be serviced regularly to prevent breakdown. This holds true for your HVAC system. Prevent costly AC repairs. A dirty, unlevel AC Condenser can cause nothing but problems. A clogged drain line or dirty filter can cause AC Problems. Avoid having your AC shut down in summer- get your AC Cleaned & serviced, (the capacitor checked, refrigerant levels and other mechanical items checked). A clean and well-maintained system will lower your energy bills and provide a longer life span. Give us a call today to get your maintenance scheduled and keep cool all summer long.

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